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How We Work With You

The Process and Pricing

We pride ourselves in providing cozy, smart and beautiful designs of the highest value for your family or business needs. We will begin by setting up a time to meet and take a tour of the spaces you would like to style, update or renovate.

Our initial consultation fee is $125 which we will apply towards the project. Most consultations are 1-2 hours, and our hourly rate after the initial consultation is $125 which we will use for most of our design services including special occasion styling and organizational help. Depending on the project size and scope, we can customize a package based on your specific design and budget needs.

After the initial consultation, we may share a selection of images with various styles for similar spaces for our clients to share their likes and dislikes to ensure the highest value and customized design we can provide. Next, we will meet to discuss the design and provide you with a design board for you to use as the vision of your project, and help communicate with contractors your desired updates.

Other design services may include shopping for the furniture and decor or sourcing and providing links to the required materials for purchase. We can also return for a final picture perfect staging of the spaces once all cosmetic updates are made and materials are on-site.

Additionally, for larger renovation, you may want to utilize our full service design concierge where we manage all aspects and oversee the project from start to finish. For these services, we can discuss using a fee or percentage of the cost rather than an hourly rate to provide the best value. After all, we find that happy clients are the most rewarding part of this journey.

If you are a realtor and would like to know more about our staging services, we are here to help you get the best offers for your clients. Please contact us and we will be happy to set up a time to meet or do a walk-through.

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