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Styling and Staging

Style Me Happy

Need a quick refresh for an entire space, but don’t know where to start? Southern Roots Living can help by styling your current furniture and décor and update it to be pleasing to the eye and functional for your family or staging for resale. We may recommend a paint color for the walls, provide storage solutions, organizational tips, and suggest accessory décor that will give you an updated space highly deserved by you and yours. Optionally, we can also bring our style box where you can choose decorative items for purchase to further achieve your desired look.

A Family Gathering

Add more character and family charm to your wall with portraits, art, and memorabilia from throughout your years. Display sentimental photos and pieces of art in a stylish way that tells your story with a gallery wall. Southern Roots Living can design a way to bring out some of those treasured artifacts in storage and mix with contemporary pieces that showcase your family roots.

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