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4 Tips for Mixing Woods

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Growing up in “The Woods” means being surrounded by different tree species. The furniture in your home should also be diverse! Mixing types adds depth and a story to your home decor. Follow these tips to mix woods in your home!

1. Contrasting Woods with Dark and Light Options help them compliment each other by showing off their differences. Adding textiles like a rug or pillows help break them up and highlight your personal style.


2. Stick with the same undertones. Warm tones consist of Cherry, Mahogany, and Hickory while cool tones are Ash, Maple, Poplar and Pine. Neutrals like Walnut are great flexible options that can be paired with just about anything!


3. Spread each kind throughout the space. Try not to have all of one on one side of the room, spread them out and add accents where you can to even out the look.


4. Mix Old and New pieces. As styles are ever-evolving and we pick up various furniture pieces along the way, having a mix of old and new pieces help make a timeless, more lived-in look.


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