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Open Concept with Defined Spaces

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Open Concept Living is a trend that is here to stay and is highly sought after. However, many of the homes in Texas were built pre-2000s which means compartmentalization of the rooms was still a thing. If you are looking to knock down walls or purchase/build an open concept home, here are 5 things to keep in mind while still trying to define purposeful spaces.

Ceiling accents- The ceiling can be effective in determining a transition between areas in an open room. A simple beam or dropped panel draws a line visually across the room to help establish a room with intended purpose. Also, different ceiling accents like coffered ceilings and exposed woodwork can accomplish the same effect.


Furniture and Rugs- Large pieces like dining tables, sofas, large chair seating or side tables can be helpful in defining the space. Area rugs are also helpful in letting the eye naturally understand there is a new designated functionality for that part of the room.


Lighting- drop lighting like pendant lights and chandeliers can be useful in establishing spaces for specific use. Especially over the living area, kitchen and dining. Using different but complimentary lighting choices are ideal when defining rooms without walls.


Flooring and Flow- Whether you have a completely open floorplan or an L-shape open concept or others where some spaces are defined and others aren't, make sure the flow makes sense. The dining should have close proximity to the kitchen, but the study does not necessarily need the same consideration. Try to stick to one or two types of flooring in these areas. Adding an accent tile to the entry helps guide guests in the proper direction of the flow into an open-concept layout and is much easier to clean than a rug!


Partitions/sliding doors- If you are living in a loft or just a very open multi-purpose room and want more flexibility to open or close the space off, sliding doors or clear partitions can be the answer. Depending on the space, these can be customized and fixed for the rooms you want to have a more dedicated area, or for those that have a drop in ceiling, a slider may be all you need.


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