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Let Them Shine Design

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

On a recent trip to the Dr. Seuss exhibit, I was reminded of the importance of color in a child's surroundings. I remember how much I loved color as a kid. I entered many coloring contests back when that was a thing. I could see the same elation and wonder as my daughters' faces lit up at the sight of it all.

I knew Marcy had taken her littles recently, so of course, I asked what their favorite part was and the degree of their glee and elation. She remarked on how fun it was to watch their eyes light up at the color that wasn't just on a TV or movie screen, but there, right in front of them!

While I wouldn't necessarily recommend anyone change their kid's lighting to did reinforce the notion that color undeniably has a direct effect on a kid's mood and engagement. And as a native of The Woodlands, it also hit home the importance of trees over thneeds. :)

Marcy and I are both well-versed in decorating classrooms, but adding color needs to make sense in a cozy home setting too, where there are less bulletin boards and laminated posters. Numerous studies have shown that the use of color where children learn and play promotes cognitive development, memory performance and retention. It has been proven that children are more sensitive to color, therefore taking your child's personality into consideration when making paint choices can help provide favorable outcomes. For example, soothing colors in lighter hues can reduce tension, foster calmness and sleep. Warmer colors like yellows and oranges promote a more cheerful mood and are conducive for socializing. Purple sparks creativity while pink brims with positivity. Perhaps even better is using a mixology of colors that provide physical, intellectual and emotional harmony which can be highly motivating!


It is important to remember that while the use of color in a highly used child's space is almost imperative; neutral colors can be just as important to provide an experience that sparks imagination rather than one that is overall disorienting. Being smart about the layout of the room also allows for maximum play. Various stations with differentiated activities and manipulatives can keep them focused for longer periods. It also allows for children to investigate, discover, and use their imagination on a more regular basis. Storage solutions in playrooms can be educationally beneficial by encouraging them to sort and allows for the development of good long-term organizational habits. Or at least know where to put things before mom gets home!



If concerned about re-sale value or if you are unsure of how long you will be in the home, sometimes using color in the styling with accent decor and textiles does the trick. If you are putting roots down for a longer period, you can design a space that can be easily updated as they grow. You might be surprised at how you can repurpose what you already own, with a little paint, to create beautiful spaces that put smiles on faces! In the coming weeks, Southern Roots Living will reveal some examples of how the little things can help your kids dream big....and you might just enjoy some of the whimsey along the way.

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