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Bathroom Envy Styling

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

What is the first room you walk into each morning and the last you leave each night? What room will your guests likely visit? Bathrooms are often the smaller spaces in your home that get overlooked but see the most traffic. In this blog, we want to encourage you to think outside the box when updating the bathrooms in your home, and see how important it is to style them just as you would any other room. Instead of just offering a utilitarian outpost, make your bathrooms another welcoming and beautiful place to highlight your sense of style!

Mirrors are a necessity in a bathroom, but they also provide an opportunity to make design choices. Do you want to accessorize with metal, wood, or no frame at all? Do you go with one or two? Rectangle, oval or circle shaped? Think about your bathroom space and what would work best. If you have an angular tile backsplash, maybe the the curved mirror will balance out the sharp angles. If you are using a floral wallpaper, perhaps a rectangular mirror will compliment the design. A mix of metal and natural elements is recommended, as this lends to being beautiful, but still cozy. Perhaps your metal fixtures and mirror are offset with a wooden stool or some woven baskets.


Lighting can make a big statement in your bathroom. If you have more than one lighting choice to make, it’s important that you think them through and try to provide different kinds of light choices. If you are doing a chandelier over the tub, maybe a sconce or traditional lighting will work better over the bathroom vanity. If you only need vanity lighting, then try something unique like hanging the lighting in a different direction or using modern sconces. Another option that is not always considered and gives off more of a wow factor is pendant lighting! Also, adding smart light switches that turn on automatically when entering the bathroom can be a game changer, especially for that middle of the night wake-up call.


Vanity Arrangements have traditionally been thought of as those bathroom accessories you buy as a set; the toothbrush holder, tissue holder, soap dispenser, etc. Often these can come off as too matchy-matchy and you have missed an opportunity to set yourself apart. Try mixing these up or use a tray to help organize a few items and keep the clutter off the countertops. Also, be sure to add some greenery with stems or plants where you can. Eucalyptus is a great plant for bathrooms and can smell amazing too! Functionality and aesthetics are both important when making these vanity decor choices.


Textiles and Linens can really bring the cozy into a bathroom. Consider a rug to break up large surface areas of the flooring or some quick-drying Turkish handtowels in your powder bath. Another option is to roll your bath towels and put them in a wall rack or basket to save space and an easy way to give off that highly desired spa vibe.


Decor in a bathroom can be pretty and still provide functionality. In a powder, if your sink is a pedestal or wall mounted and doesn’t provide much storage, shelves over the toilet can be great for putting extra hand towels and soaps. However, if you do have a vanity with built in storage, hanging an interesting piece of art may be the better choice. Full bathrooms can also present storage shortages so shelves in the toilet room are an easy place to stow away towels or baskets with essentials you may need. Just try not crowd the shelves and keep them balanced with a plant or some apothecary jars filled with things you use like bath salts or cotton swabs. These are great places for those pretty candles too!


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