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Wildflowers in Bloom

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

We wanted to finish off the girls “apartment suite” and so it was time to tackle their bathroom. I knew I wanted all the use of pastels in their room and playroom to be seamless with the bathroom but definitely provide them with that fairytale type space where they could bring out their inner princess. Some may think it’s risky as future buyers may not have girls, but I don’t see us selling for a while, plus only a few changes (wallpaper and cabinet color) would need to be changed and the rest could stay! Did I mention it was a peel and stick yet? And if we are here long enough, I may end up doing that anyway to accommodate their life stage at the time. It is important though when designing spaces for kids to keep the long term in mind and make those changes with paint or wall treatments rather than fixtures and flooring.

My vision actually started with the mirrors, which I found at World Market. We had stashed them away for a while and I kept my eye out for the fixtures so I could make sure it would match. Delta has a line of champagne fixtures that were exactly what I was looking for, and they are a reputable, well-known company, so any complications that could arise from plumbing, there would probably be a fix. We were replacing the tub, sinks and toilet so being able to match the finishes in such a unique color was important. Traditional hardware stores have yet to stock this finish with many options. Ordering online always makes me nervous but I could make any returns I needed to and did. I’m so happy I stuck with my gut and made it all work!

Next I chose the wallpaper and the bluebonnets in the playroom inspired me to choose a pretty wildflower design. I was so picky on the print and colors that my search was exhaustive. And the peel-and-stick paper, which I had never used before, was important as it is easy to clean in damp areas like a this one. As with any wallpaper, you have to measure 3+ times and take the repeat into consideration! Since the one I chose a mural, it took two full sheets before there was a repeat, so that was important when doing my calculations. I found this one at Etsy and I couldn’t wait to get it up!

I made my trip to Floor & Decor for the tile. I used a basic subway tile, but chose to do a crosshatch pattern instead of a standard brick lay to give it more interest but still looks clean. We added the shower shelf and also chose a hexagon tile for the floor. Nice, white, clean and crisp, which helped showcase the wallpaper and fixtures.

Lastly, I had to draw up the board and batten treatment for the remaining walls. Originally we had the white shiplap ready to go up, but I threw a curveball at my husband and proposed the new treatment. Since he had already done the wainscoting in the dining room, I figured he could tackle this one too. The trick was finding where the panel seams would be and also how to space the vertical trim pieces in a way that made sense. It made sense to put those trim pieces on the seams where we could and this saved a lot of time on filler, sanding, and the end result was pristine. I think he did an amazing job!

Once that was finished, we painted the cabinet boxes in cowgirl blue. Kyle built new shaker style cabinet doors, we added hardware to match, and installed new white quartz counters. The lighting was something I pondered for a bit; I couldn’t find any kind of wall sconce or vanity lighting that fit the design exactly right so I decided to do the pendant instead and I think it really made this girls bathroom that much more magical!

I was even able to use the leftover peel-and-stick wallpaper for lining the cabinets and drawers! Add a few towel hooks, stain a stool, some shelving, a vignette with some apothecary needs and we are ready to splash-splash. I got to say, bath time is a lot more fun and magical these days!

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